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American Guinea Hogs - shoats, piglets, and breeding stock
Last Post 06 Apr 2017 06:30 PM by Stoneset Farm, LLC. 0 Replies.
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Stoneset Farm, LLC

06 Apr 2017 06:30 PM  
We have an assortment of American Guinea Hogs for sale: feeders, finishers, and AGHA registered breeding stock. American Guinea Hogs are a hardy American heritage homestead and permaculture pig breed that is extremely thrifty and produces excellent quality meat. While slower growing (figure 12 -18 months to finish a hog) and finishing smaller than more common commercial swine breeds, American Guinea Hogs are an ideal choice for raising on grass and vegetable scraps, producing a fine carcass with extremely low input. The smaller, more manageable carcass size and high quality meat and lard that these animals produce also makes them an ideal breed for those wishing to process the meat at home, especially for the aspiring (or accomplished!) charcutier or baker.

Our swine herd is raised on pasture, hay, and a small amount of organic grain. Shoats are available now, were born fall 2016 and will be ready for slaughter fall or winter of 2017. This year's piglets will be ready for pickup in the beginning of May. Breeding stock from our herd have an extremely low coefficient of inbreeding (4.6%). Pedigrees for their parents are available upon request. These are fantastic pigs - historically important, human scale, economical, high quality, easy to manage, good natured, and available now!

Call or write for prices and current availability:
Farm (207) 359-5513
Nathan (207) 664-9581 nathan@stonesetfarm.com
Clara (207) 669-2460 clara@stonesetfarm.com

Guinea Hog Information:
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