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Whole foods Organic Chef position
Last Post 01 Apr 2017 09:54 AM by Lubec Brewing Company. 0 Replies.
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Lubec Brewing Company

01 Apr 2017 09:54 AM  
Immediate Opening

DATE POSTED March 17, 2017
JOB TYPE Full-Time

We are a Micro Brewery located in the tiny Seaside village of Lubec, Maine Campobello Island Canada can be seen from the windows of our Tap Room.

We are looking for a Positive and Creative Wholefoods Chef with experience cooking balanced Vegan and Vegetarian as well as other foods, as our Chef is leaving to start a medical marijuana dispensary. We believe in putting our employees and community first and trusting the money will follow and it has.

We are a Fair Wage Restaurant and a Sanctuary Restaurant. We Source all of our ingredients for our beer and food from Organic Maine farms first and then Organic second as some spices and foods are not grown in Maine.

We need someone who LOVES cooking with fresh local ingredients including edible flowers and fresh herbs, and who is excited and motivated at the idea of an ever changing seasonal menu as our menu changes weekly and vegan and vegetarian dishes may change twice a week.
We are open 4 nights a week Thursday-Sunday and have 34 regular seats. We have live music nightly along with a full but modest menu including Soups Apps, Salads, and 4 entrees; a Vegan, a Vegetarian, a Fish/Seafood, and a Meat eg. Beef, Pork, Chicken. We are located in a Federal Food Desert, so sourcing ingredients takes more planning. We have this listed as a 40 hour per week position, as we are much busier 8 months a year we may need 42 in the peak summer and 36 in the winter. Wetly work as a team pulling together each day to enable a smooth runny happy and supportive work environment.

We are entering our 3 year in business and so are still learning as we go and need a wonderful Chef who understands and can work with us through our learning curve. The right candidate is someone who wants to live in a small coastal community, where instead of going to a night club on days off they are out kayaking or hiking or at the beach or at a campfire with friends playing music and truly connecting with others and someone who wants to make Lubec Maine and Washington County their home. We are a small but diverse community just 30 miles from the Passamaquoddy Reservation, and 1 mile from Canada. We have an abundance of quirky and eccentric, artists and musicians, writers, and other creative individuals here that make life exciting and joyful. Another blessing of our area is the solitude when desired from the greater world and the ability to live big in a small way with others, but when you want to be alone the ocean or the hiking trails or your wood stove are always here to be quiet with.

Whole foods Chef
Level: Hours/Week: 34-42 based on the season.
General Requirements:
1. Create and prepare a continually changing seasonally based weekly menu of appetizers, soups, salads and Vegan, Vegetarian, Fish and Meat entrees exclusively from organic and, wherever possible, locally sourced ingredients using provided kitchen equipment.
2. Create and prepare additional regular and special menu items made exclusively from organic and, wherever possible, locally sourced ingredients using provided kitchen equipment.
3. Perform all steps necessary to prepare our sour dough bread dough and pizza dough. Specifically, manage the sour dough starter, prepare the dough, prepare the sauce and toppings, form the pizza and bake. All done in according to the Tartine method using specialized techniques and ingredients established by the owners.
4. Maintain kitchen, cooking and baking equipment and all kitchen utensils in a clean manner in full accordance with approved commercial standards and practices.
5. Cost effectively manage the inventory of ingredients and supplies necessary including sourcing of fresh organic Maine based produce, meat, fish, and dairy, as well as basic kitchen staples and speciality items such as spices, herbs, and edible flowers.
6. Perform cleaning duties including, but not limited to, sweeping/mopping floors, cleaning all food prep surfaces and equipment, storing and proper labelling of all food items, and removing trash to outside dumpster at the end of shift.
And if necessary helping with dishes if the dishwasher is absent.
7. Direct activities of the kitchen assistant and the dishwasher in preparing food items and maintaining the kitchen.

Special Requirements:
1 Serve Safe certification or written proof of equivalent food service and safety training.
1 Ability to lift 25 pounds and carry it up a flight of stairs.

Work Experience:
Previous experience as a professional chef of fresh from scratch whole food menu items including direct experience:
• and knowledge about vegan and vegetarian cooking including dietary requirements in order to create whole nutritionally balanced meals that are visually attractive as well as delicious,
• properly cooking fresh fish and other seafood,
• properly cooking beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and other animal based protein foods.
1. Certification from a formal cooking program desired.
2. Trained and Educated and excited to cook Vegan and Vegetarian dishes as well as the ability and willingness to cook Seafood and Meat.

Our Vision is to Create that place we all Love to go Kick back and Relax in, joining old friends and meeting new ones, in a Truly Warm, Inviting, and Accepting environment, where we can Drink Excellent Craft Beer, Eat Delicious and Nourishing Food, Listen to Incredible Live Music, and See Amazing Art. Real Beer for Real People living Real Life.

We believe in the energetics of food and that the attitude and energy of the cooks affects how people feel when they eat the food. Our vision is to create a warm friendly and welcoming oasis for our friends and community members that is free of personal judgements, gossip, negative talking, and political commentary; a place where diversity and creative honest self expression is supported and honored. A place where others feel safe and accepted as their true selves. Therefore we make a conscious effort as a team to be welcoming to everyone who comes to the Tap Room.

We are committed to Organic, and also local as much as is possible, whole homemade food and beer. The people we are serving are our friends and community members and it is important to us that the food and beer we serve is not just fantastic in the regular ways of pleasing presentation, delicious aroma, amazing tasting, but that it is also truly nourishing to eat. We are committed to having vegan and vegetarian options on our menu for our own health and so that other folks in Washington County who are vegan and vegetarian can eat here as well.
Nourishment comes in forms other than just caloric and nutrient content; the intentions and energy of the cooks goes into the food. The atmosphere of the Tap Room and the Attitude of the servers is all taken in by our customers. It is very important that we are all able to dance fluidly through our workspace together rather than rush, and to take our work seriously yet with an open and light heart.
We are a Fare Wage Business and a Sanctuary Business, we source 99% of all of the ingredients for our Brewery from Organic Maine farmers, and our Tap Room has 99% of all of the cooking supplies sourced from Organic Maine farmers, except of course spices and such that are not native to Maine.

this position is PAID: hourly, $15/hr per hour

Email mcginleyjones@gmail.com

Please review the posted information and if you feel this is the position for you, please email McGinley Jones at mcginleyjones@gmail.com
or call me at 207-733-7576.
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