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Maine Rice Project Looking for land for rice
Last Post 01 May 2018 09:33 AM by Wild Folk Farm. 0 Replies.
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Wild Folk Farm

01 May 2018 09:33 AM  
The Maine Rice Project recently received a grant from Maine Technology Institute to expand our rice growing operation. We are currently looking for new sites to expand to.

For the past five years we have grown rice at Wild Folk Farm in Benton. During that time we have shown that rice can be grown in Maine, and that there is a market for it. We have expanded from one small experimental rice paddy, to 2/3 of an acre in rice paddy cultivation, producing 3,000 pounds of rice annually. We have learned a lot, and at this point demand for our rice is surpassing what we can supply at our farm.

This summer we are searching the state for new locations on which to build a bigger, better rice paddy system. We are looking to partner with existing farms interested in incorporating rice paddies into their farm operations and/or leasing land to grow rice. The rice paddy system we are planning to build will be in the range of 1-4 acres, and site work is expected to begin spring of 2019.

We will design and build paddy systems based on individual site characteristics, working with farm owners to ensure designs integrate well into their current operations. One of the advantages of growing rice in Maine is that rice paddies work best in poorly drained, clay rich soil, of which we have an abundance, and which do not typically suit growing vegetables and other crops.

A good rice paddy site will need to have the following basic characteristics:

1) Clay Soil

2) Uphill pond with good capacity, or place to dig one

3) Slight slope for water management

4) Zone 4b or warmer

We are asking for your help in spreading the word about this opportunity in your counties and communities. Please pass this message along to anyone who might be interested in talking with us about growing rice on their land.

For more information visit: wildfolkfarm.com

Thank you,
Ben Rooney and Asher Woodworth
Maine Rice Project
Please email wildfolkfarmers@gmail.com
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