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honeybee die-off
Last Post 31 Jan 2013 08:55 PM by Argyle Acres. 0 Replies.
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Argyle Acres

31 Jan 2013 08:55 PM  
A friend sent me a link to an article about 16 hives dying off at the same time in Penn.


These bees were found to contain:
bifenthrin (found in hundreds of agricultural and household pesticide products),
chlorpyrifos (used on orchards, golf courses, and crops, and banned from residential use),
cyhalothrin (found in household and commercial products like Demand, Karate, and Warrior),
and fipronil (used in over 50 products to control ants, termites, fleas and other insects, e.g., Frontline, Goliath, Nexa, and Regent).

"... According to Penn State Senior Extension Associate, Maryann Frazier, "Honey bees across the country are being exposed to a great diversity and sometimes high levels of pesticides. While the evidence associated with the Montecito die-off is not conclusive, the symptoms of colony deaths and detections of low levels of pesticides toxic to honey bees are suspicious and cause for concern."

Respectfully submitted for your education and discussion.
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