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Onions at MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center, ready for harvest in September. Jean English photo for the Winter 2007-2008 Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener.


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Winter is the time to plan gardening and farming practices that will overcome problems from the past year. It is a time of optimism. Looking forward to great success is easy with all the beautiful pictures in seed catalogs, but the rotting vegetables in the root cellar may bring back a handful of bad memories. The damp, cool summer of 2004 is mostly forgotten now, but crops that were not worth harvesting or those that spoiled downstairs are repercussions of that fungus-favoring growing season.

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Though the bulb onion is the workhorse of the North American culinary world, many other Alliums deserve a gardener’s attention. They bring delicate flavors to dishes, and they fill niches of time when bulb onions are not in season. More than 400 species of Allium grow worldwide, most with the distinctive onion odor and flavor.

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