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Hackmatack Farm
Nicolas Lindholm
Ruth Fiske
95 Dunbar Road
Penobscot, ME 04476 (Map)
Phone: 207-326-0751

Owned and run by Nicolas Lindholm, Ruth Fiske, and their two sons, Everett and Julian. MOFGA Certified Organic since 1997. A 52 acre farm on a ridge-top in south Penobscot, producing field-grown fresh vegetables and wild blueberries. Our vegetable production relies on a ridge-tillage system and cover crop/green manure rotation which optimizes soil health, tilth and nutrient recycling. Our wild blueberries grow in the same type of soil as our vegetables, a silty loam that the glaciers ground up and piled deep 12,000 years ago. We actively manage and encourage a biodiversity of native flaura and fauna, above and below the soil, to ensure a healthy ecosystem which ensures healthy plants and healthy food. In addition to the produce that we sell, we raise and save a lot of our own seed, as well as a few rare/heirloom breeds of chickens and turkeys, and keep a few pigs.

We choose organic certification: to support MOFGA; to ensure customers that we meet third-party verification standards and expectations; to improve our own farm recordkeeping and management; and to be involved in the larger movement and community of organic.


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