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Snakeroot Organic Farm
Tom Roberts
Lois Labbe
27 Organic Farm Rd.
Pittsfield, ME 04967 (Map)
Phone: 207-416-5417
Farm Location: n/a
n/a, n/a n/a (Map)

We grow a wide variety of MOFGA certified organic mixed vegetables, and culinary herbs on our 5 acres of gardens. We have over 8,000 sq.ft. of greenhouses where we grow seedlings for planting and for sale at market. During the late winter months the greenhouses are planted with spinach, beet greens, radishes, lettuce and carrots for harvest during the month of May before the field crops are ready. Then we transplant tomato and cucumbers in the greenhouse for early harvest of those crops also. Our major crops are tomatoes, garlic, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, basil, beet greens, spinach and onions. We allow U-pick upon request. Some products available from the farm in winter and spring (before and after farmers’ market season).

Our CSA plan: For each $100 share you purchase before April 1, you get $120 credit at farmers’ market or at the farm. If purchased before May 1, you get $110 credit. Instead of us choosing your food, shop as you always do and we simply deduct it from your balance. We offer a wide selection of vegetables, fruit, flowers, dried products, maple syrup and seedlings are all included in the share, plus we allow CSA members to cash checks at market and purchase items we don't grow from other growers at market using their CSA account. We believe that allowing members to shop elsewhere on their credit builds bonds with other farmers and shows shoppers there is cooperation among the market members.

We have a very informational website which we update every winter. It includes info on winter veggie storage, recipes, our farming techniques, our outbuildings and more with plenty of pictures. Check our website to see all we offer, as well as more details of our CSA plan.

Shop at the farm or at any of our 5 farmers’ markets in Newport, Orono, Pittsfield, Unity and Waterville. We'll also ship certain items by mail.


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Tom and Lois

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