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Snafu Acres
R. Ivan Smith
Nancy Smith
259 Tillson Rd.
Monmouth, ME 04259 (Map)
Phone: 207-933-2707

Thank you for your interest in our farm. We live in the farmhouse where Ivan grew up, and we work the pastures and hayfields that were once farmed by his great-great-grandfather. Ivan has been a dairy farmer for his entire career, owning his own herd nearly twenty years. Nancy came along in 1993, when she met Ivan and thought "a farmer; how quaint!" She now knows the hard work involved in farming. We diversified our farm, adding retail sales of natural meats and poultry. Then we worked to certify our milk as organic; and it is now sold to Hood and sold under the Stonyfield Farm name, as either milk or yogurt. Nancy is also a consulting forester, working with Two Trees Forestry in Winthrop, Maine.

What We Offer: Bi-weekly home/office delivery of our local, natural meats, poultry, eggs and maple syrup. You pre-pay your account and draw down on the balance. Deliveries made in Winthrop, Hallowell, Gardiner, Manchester, and the Capitol Building in Augusta.

How You Can Get It: Contact us to get on our mailing list. An email reminder is sent out with the list of available products on Sunday, place your order through email by Wednesday. Orders are delivered on Friday with an invoice indicating your account balance. There is a $30 minimum per delivery site. You are reminded to re-charge your account when the balance falls below $30.

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