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Fire Fly Farm
Billi Barker
526 Dexter Rd
St Albans, ME 04971 (Map)
Phone: 207-938-3906

Pristine 25 acre farm on remote pond. Growing a variety of heirloom and hybrid seasonal vegetables of all kinds. Greenhouse, beehives also.

What We Offer: Full and half share sizes. Limited number of work shares available: work 6 hours a week in exchange for a share. Mixed heirloom and hybrid vegetables, fruit and bread all available. Some u-pick available to shareholders. Lots of educational opportunities (workshops, recipes, newsletter, food storage, preparation, processing information) and community events (on-farm recreation, potlucks, u-pick) offered to our shareholders.

How You Can Get It: $100 deposit by 5/1 (full payment by 5/1 preferred) or arrange payments with us individually. Your share is pre-packaged for your pick up on the farm Tuesdays from 4-6 or in Skowhegan on Saturday from 9-noon.

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