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Shining Example Farm
Rafe Hollister
294 Crosby Brook Road
Unity, Maine 04988 (Map)
County: Waldo
Phone: 207-568-4142

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November 10
8:39 AM Link
A Chemical Reaction
MPBN, Maine News and PBS programming. See television and radio highlights, web exclusives, and NPR News.
Check this out on PBS.
December 28
2:07 PM Photo

Al and Tango!
11:15 AM Note
Big rain last night!
A huge rainstorm last night washed away all of our snow and thawed out the skating pond. The animals seem to be enjoying the warmer weather.
September 19
8:55 AM Photo

cow cloesup
September 07
9:17 AM Photo

September 03
10:10 AM Link
Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
The purpose of MOFGA, the oldest and largest state organic organization in the country, is to help farmers and gardeners grow organic food, to protect the environment, to promote stewardship of natural resources, to increase local food production, to support sustainable rural communities, and to illuminate for consumers the connections among healthful food, environmentally sound farming practices, and vital local communities.
greatest site!
September 02
9:26 AM Link
What is Late Blight? What is Late Blight?

Be on the lookout for this....
7:17 AM Link
Eric Sideman: Enjoy the Garden

Here is a recent article from the MOFGA paper on hornworms.
7:15 AM Photo

They were fat!
7:13 AM Note
Attack of the Hornworms!
I went out this morning to find some tomato plants nearly destroyed by these green monsters. The chickens made short work of them!

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