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Runamuk Acres
Samantha Burns
843 Anson Rd
Starks, 04911 (Map)
County: Somerset
Phone: 207-858-5909

Practicing sustainable and organic methods of agriculture, we currently offer a variety of vegetables and herbs, as well as eggs, honey and beeswax products like all-natural beeswax soaps and herbal salves. Check out our website for more information or contact us to sign up for our CSA program.
January 10
8:25 AM [RESX:JournalType:feed]
Bringing back the Runamuk CSA
I’m really excited to announce that this year, Runamuk will be reinstating it’s CSA! Some of my followers might remember our CSA program from 2012–which I put on hold during 2013 in
January 01
9:10 AM [RESX:JournalType:feed]
Carpe Diem: 2014; Moving forward with our f
We’re finally moved in at the new homestead and the family is settling back into our familiar routines.  With my kitchen unpacked, I am at long last able to get back to my typical Sunday baking
April 30
6:32 AM [RESX:JournalType:feed]
3 trees that offer early season food sources for Maine bees
The early spring season is a very difficult time for bees and beekeepers.  When the temperatures start warming the bees begin increasing activity, rearing brood, and flying on warm sunny days.  This is a tricky time for bees because there is not much available to feed the growing population.
May 17
7:14 AM [RESX:JournalType:feed]
Pollinator Conservation at MOFGA
Keith said I had a glazed look in my eyes as we sat in the conference room at the MOFGA educational facility in Unity yesterday. I was high on the excitement and pure joy of participating in the Polli
March 05
8:30 PM [RESX:JournalType:feed]
Certified pollinator friendly!
Runamuk Acres is now officially certified as pollinator friendly! A passion for bugs I couldn’t say why exactly I became so passionate about bees and pollinators–when I was younger I was l

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