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Long Acres Farm
Anthony Larrabee, Jr
Larissa Larrabee
174 Norridgewock Rd
Fairfield, ME 04937 (Map)
Phone: 207-343-2465

Five generation, 110 acre farm of mainly pastures and crop fields. Our farm has been a dairy, it's had sheep, beef, horses, goats and rabbits at different points in time. Today we are taking care of the land and buildings; our crop is hay and we have a few chickens. The farm has multi generations living on it, and we're in the process of transferring it to the fifth generation. As we figure out what the farm will become next, the things we do know are (1) the original brick farmhouse (circa 1858) and pre-civil war post and beam barn must stand for the next 200 years, and (2) the land will stay open space farm land. Our family is only the forth to be blessed with this property, we have a deep appreciation and commitment to a farming lifestyle and believe the experiences and lessons become a foundation to community contribution and personal happiness.

Certified Organic Products
  • grass hay
  • pasture
Uncertified Products
  • clover grass mix

Products Description

4x4 Round Bales, stored inside

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