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Ossipee Organics
Mark Fisher
450 North Rd
Parsonsfield, Maine 04047 (Map)
County: York
Phone: 207-890-3585

What We Do:

At Ossipee Organics we put nature in fast forward! In a natural ecological system such as a forest, billions of microorganisms live on decaying plant matter. They are an important part of the food chain that slowly turns organic matter into humus. In the composting process we create an ideal environment for microbes to flourish, and we add the specific microbes found in nature to quickly break organic matter down and turn it into humus.

Why Turn Compost?

Good compost is not an accident. When organic matter is broken down in an orderly and controlled manner and then built up to make a “home” for the beneficial microbe population, the result is humified compost.

The most important reason for turning compost can be summarized with one word: OXYGEN. Aerobic bacteria, fungi and other beneficial microbes are the workhorses that transform organic matter to rich black humus. These workhorses quickly deplete oxygen, and produce CO2 in its pla ce. That’s why compost needs to be turned regularly. The turner fluffs the compost windrow removing CO2 and replacing Oxygen. We use an Aeromaster windrow turner to properly turn the windrow, add moisture if necessary, and properly apply innoculents. This process produces a finished product that is far superior to other methods of composting.

Its Alive!

Soil is Life. The soil Scientist P.A. Yeomans once wrote, “Soil is life, and life may die.” Susitna compost can help to restore life to depleted soils.

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful garden, a luscious lawn, or a picture perfect crop? This is possible without chemicals. In fact, nourishing the soil from a sustainable approach can help you accomplish, over time, what you only dreamed of before.

Quality compost delivers an array of minerals and helpful bacteria that go to work to promote plant growth, protect the soil from disease, and keep life growing. These are lasting results that do not damage the soil like chemical soil additives.

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